White Papers

White Papers

Battery Powered Monitors Good Idea or Not?

This Technical Note gives reasons why powering a battery monitor off the battery power may be detrimental to the health of a battery.
TN11002, Rev A.

The Alber Measurement Method Explained

This paper offers a simple explanation of why the Alber measurement method is more accurate, reliable and repeatable than any other ohmic method on the market.

OHMIC Measurements: The History and Facts

Battcon. Marco Island, FL
Internal battery ohmic measurements are a hot topic among battery users. Measuring the internal parameters of a cell is very useful in determining a battery’s state of health. But what is the difference in the various measurement methods used? Internal resistance of a cell is the most important parameter in determining a cell’s state of health. Most AC impedance or conductance devices, whether monitors or portable instruments, do not provide reliable state of health information.

Thermal Runaway in Flooded Lead Calcium Batteries

Electrical Products & Solutions Magazine
In its most basic definition, thermal runaway is the internal generation of heat at a higher rate than a battery can dissipate. This heat can result in temperatures so high that the battery will be completely destroyed.