Technical Notes

Understanding Thermal Runaway
This Technical Note provides information for a better understanding of thermal runaway, reason for early detection, how it occurs, detecting and controlling, and a brief summary of thermal runaway.
TN11001, Rev B.

Understanding Battery Plate Formation and Its Effect On Internal Resistance
This Technical Note describes the process of plate formation of a lead-acid battery and shows a case history of its affect on a battery’s internal resistance as formation takes place.
TN09003, Rev A.

Understanding the Value of Monitoring Intercells and Intertiers in a Battery String
This Technical Note describes the value of monitoring intercells and intertiers in a battery string.
TN-09002, Rev A.

Understanding Intertier Assignments
This Technical Note explains how to determine and assign intertiers in a BDS-256XL system.
TN-08002, Rev A.

Setting Up BMDM to Run as a Service
This Technical Note describes how to set up the BMDM program to run as a Service to ensure it always runs, even if closed accidentally.
TN-08001, Rev A.

Ohmic Measurement Methods
A simple explanation of why the Alber measurement method is more accurate, reliable and repeatable than any other ohmic method on the market.