Support Forms

CRT-300 and CRT-400 Recommended Enhancement
SB-08006 Rev A 19 Dec 2008. 7 pp. File Size: 330K

Heat-sink modification for BDS-256 ELM Solid State Relay
SB-08002, Rev A. 30 Apr 2007. 3pp. File Size: 196K

Flash EPROM change and compatibility notification
SB-07007, Rev B. 11 Oct 2007. 2pp. File Size: 48K

Fuse change authorization for 50 Hz BDS-40 operation
SB-07006, Rev A. 25 Jul 2007. 3pp. File Size: 146K

BMDM patch to download discharge data
SB-07004, Rev A. 26 Jun 2007. 4pp. File Size: 205K

Resolving "roller coaster" resistance data at load step connections
SB-07003, Rev A. 24 Apr 2007. 6pp. File Size: 204K

Installing the USB driver for BDS and MPM products
SB-07001, Rev A. 15 Jan 2007. 3pp. File Size: 5.09M

BDS-40: Fuse change for 24VAC power supply output
SB-06004, Rev A. 12 Jul 2006. File Size: 83K

ELM rework instructions: Installing high CFM fans
SB-06003, Rev C. 28 Jul 2006. File Size: 395K

Dual reading DCM: Removal of incorrect jumper
SB-06002, Rev A. 24 Feb 2006. 5pp. File Size: 402K

Heat sink modification for ELM solid state relay
SB-06001, Rev A. 24 Feb 2006. 3pp. File Size: 209K

Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) .HLP is no longer supported natively for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems
This bulletin explains why the online help text is no longer supported and gives a work around for getting the online help text to display in your BMDM software.
SB001, Rev A. 2pp. Jan 2013. File Size: 123K

Access Violation Error when setting up BCT-2000 Battery Capacity Test System On Windows 64 bit Operating Systems
This bulletin explains the cause for an access violation error and gives a work around for resolving the issue.
SB002, Rev A. 2pp. Feb 2013. File Size: 122K

Permission Denied Error when installing BMDM Battery Monitor Data Manager System on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems
This bulletin explains the cause for a permission denied error  and gives options to modify User Account settings for best BMDM performance.
SB003, Rev A. 2pp. May 2013. File Size: 123K

Discontinuation of Support for the Micro-10 Network Cards
This bulletin informs that Alber will no longer support the Micro-10 network card on the BDS Series and MPM-100 Battery Monitor Systems.
SB004, Rev A. 1pp. Jun 2013. File Size: 120K