Application Notes

Detecting Thermal Runaway with BDS Series Battery Monitors
APN-001 Rev A. 11 Jan 2013. 3pp. File Size: 205K

Telco to Network Connectivity /Isolation
AN-07001 Rev A. 15 Jan 2007. 1pp. File Size: 93K

BMDM SQL: Modifying Cell Memo Length
AN-06001 Rev A. 24 Feb 2006. 4pp. File Size: 235K

Anderson Crimping Procedure
This link to the Anderson Power Products company site describes the correct methods for crimping and soldering Anderson connectors and also lists and briefly describes preventive maintenance checks and corrective procedures that extend connector performance life. 17 Nov 2005.

12V Module Battery Testing
App Note BT9911. 5pp. File Size: 19K

Cellcorder ADF File Structure for BAS
ADF file storage structure for the Alber Battery Analysis System (BAS).
5pp. Jun 2000. File Size: 21K

Cellcorder CLC-200 Upgrade Protocol
3pp. Apr 2002. File Size: 92K

Intercell Resistance Measurement Procedures
2pp. Nov 2000. File Size: 133K

Internal Resistance and the Cellcorder
App Note CC001. 7pp. File Size: 66K

Micro Ohmmeter Product Bulletin
Micro-ohmmeter battery and charger notes.
1pp. Feb 2000. File Size: 9K

Using Fiber Optic Connectors
Instructions for terminating and polishing plastic fiber optic connectors HFBR-4351 using polishing kit HFBR-4593. These connectors are used on the Alber MPM-100 and BDS-256.
2pp. Jan 2004. File Size: 151K