Introducing a cost effective solution to achieve and maintain
NERC Compliance (PRC-005)

Real time battery monitoring and electrolyte level sensing designed specifically to comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) PRC-005 standard.  Together, the UXIM – Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor and the ELS – Electrolyte Level Sensor make the perfect solution to help utilities automate, control and document the required battery maintenance.

We understand the challenges utilities have in meeting the NERC PRC-005 requirements; and have specifically developed our equipment to meet and exceed these requirements.  With Alber as your partner, NERC compliance is simplified. Not only will you save time and money through automating the battery maintenance requirements, but you will also avoid the costly penalties associated with non compliance or incomplete records.  All key battery parameters are continuously monitored with complete and accurate data record storage.

Many of our key features came about as a result of closely working with several utilities to help them satisfy the NERC testing, maintenance and reporting requirements. The goal is to completely meet the NERC requirements, and eliminate the required maintenance intervals and the unnecessary travel to remote sites.  Instead of just having your resources collect data, turn them into problem solvers as they respond to remote alarms. Utilize your resources more efficiently.

NERC Alert – Substation Monitoring

Alber teams with Dominion Virginia Power to implement a custom, continuous battery monitoring installation.
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Alber NERC Battery Monitoring Solutions

UXTM (Universal Xplorer Telecom Monitor)
Application: Distribution and Communication batteries (12V-54V)
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UXIM (Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor)
Application: Transmission and Generation (135V)
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NERC Solutions Presentation: Coming Soon

For more, visit the NERC site.