Battery Xplorer Enterprise


A web-based monitoring platform for managing collective data from Alber stationary monitoring devices as well as portable test equipment.

Battery Xplorer has an intuitive GUI permitting easy review of battery condition and analysis along with probable cause and corrective actions of alarm conditions. The highly intuitive tool will aggregate all your battery data in one database from multiple product architectures to streamline user experience and learning curves.

Essentially, only one software tool is needed to manage all your battery test programs.

Best Uses

For customers that manage their own battery maintenance program or used in parallel with a third-party service plan.

Built on Technology with Scalability and Flexibility

● Web Browser Functionality with No Platform or OS Dependencies

● Tablet Compatible - Android, Blackberry, etc.

● Supports New and Legacy Alber Monitoring Platforms

● Supports Cellcorder, BCT, and CVR+ Portable Products