Albér offers a full line of Telecommunications Battery Maintenance and Monitoring solutions that meet or exceed today's telecomunications network demands. As the global need for mobile services continues to increase, the need to keep the supporting infrastructure up and running equally increases. Proactively monitoring your backup system's health gives you the ability to react decisively prior to a system failure.  Ready, reliable, and tested – you can trust our best-in-class monitoring solutions.

Battery Monitoring
MPM-100 – Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System
Identifies conditions requiring further investigation, such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current, temperature, and internal resistance. Learn More>>
Universal Xplorer Telecom Battery Monitor (UXTM)
A real time battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers. Learn More>>
ELS – Electrolyte Level Sensor The Alber ELS is a non-invasive level sensor designed to save you time and money! Learn More>>
Portable Test Equipment
Cellcorder CRT-400 – Cell Resistance Tester
Alber's newest handheld cell voltage and resistance tester. Learn More>>
CVR+ Cell Voltage Recorder Plus
Directly measures and records cell float voltage, uploads temperature and specific gravity (SG) measurement data from a DMA‑35 or DMA‑35N digital hydrometer, and downloads data to a computer running the Alber Battery Analysis Software (BAS). Learn More>>
DMA35 – Hydrometer with Data Logging
These compact, easy-to-use hydrometers measure density, specific gravity, and concentration. Learn More>>
Capacity Test Systems
BCT-2000 Battery Capacity Test System
Tests any size string up to 256 cells, performs constant current capacity and power capacity tests, supports UPS testing using AC load banks, and supports run-down testing using system load. Learn More>>
Continuous Load Units Provides the load during a capacity test. Learn More>>