Continuous Load Units – CLU

These DC load units, which have automatic control and can interface with the BCT-2000, may be used in both constant power or current applications. Covers are available for DC load units.

The Continuous Load Unit (CLU) provides the load during a capacity test. It may be used with the BCT-2000, the BDS monitor, or stand-alone with the Manual Control Box. Load units may be ordered in standard configurations or built to individual customer needs. Configuration and design of the resistive elements let the user adjust the load in small increments through the entire test system capacity.

The load units may be used with any Alber data logging and load control unit, or stand-alone. Together, the two instruments create a system capable of providing a maximum range of configurations tailored to customer needs.

Covers are available for DC Load units.

• Mounted on lockable, hard rubber casters for portability

• Computerized control secures safe testing

• Standard units are available from 21VDC to 270VDC

Each CLU is housed in an aluminum enclosure with expanded metal sides and top for excellent ventilation. This enclosure is mounted on lockable, hard rubber casters for portability. The conservative rating of the load resistors and the fan cooling system keep the frame from reaching excessive temperatures.

All continuous load devices are rated in constant current, but can be used for constant power testing when used with the Alber BCT-2000 battery capacity test system. Standard units are available from 21VDC to 270VDC. Custom load units for voltages outside this range can be readily designed and manufactured.

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Continuous Load Unit Specifications
Model Voltage Range Dimensions
21-26 42-52 105-135 210-270 Inches Pounds
1N 225A 450A 1200A 600A 52Hx28Wx73L 1000
2N 175A 350A 900A 450A 43Hx28Wx61L 550
3N 450A 900A 600A - 43Hx28Wx49L 500
4N 110A 2250A 600A 300A 43Hx28Wx49L 500
5N 230A 475A 300A - 43Hx28Wx41L 400
6N 50A 120A 300A 150A 43Hx28Wx41L 400
7N 600A 300A - - 23Hx22Wx29L 95
8N 75A 150A 100A - 23Hx22Wx29L 90
8NS 112A 225A 150A - 23Hx22Wx29L 115
*Specifications subject to change without notice.