BCT-2000 Battery Capacity Test System

The BCT-2000 tests any size string up to 256 cells, performs constant current capacity and power capacity tests, supports UPS testing using AC load banks, and supports run-down testing using system load.

The best proven method for determining whether a battery will perform is to test it under load conditions. Proper load testing is the only way to determine where the battery resides on its expected life curve. The Albér BCT-2000 capacity test system will test any battery in service today.

Load testing is essential for any storage battery system that protects equipment or a critical service. Because the battery is almost always the least reliable component, load testing with the BCT-2000 should be done on a regular basis to ensure reliability. The BCT performs battery load tests using load banks or, in some cases, the actual system load.

• Compatible with the earlier BCT-1000

• Available in 128 cell and 256 cell versions

• Laptop computer data logging unit provides the display and programming parameters
for the test.
Dedicated computer (not included in standard kit) is recommended.

Capacity Test

The BCT-2000 performs a capacity test using a programmed, constant current or constant power load. This test predicts reliability and remaining battery life before replacement is necessary.

Integrity Test

An integrity test, using a high current momentary load, lets you identify weak cells and conduction paths.

Data Acquisition Module and Data Logging Unit

The BCT is a combination load control and data logging system consisting of a data acquisition module and a laptop computer data logging unit. The data acquisition module acquires all cell voltage, overall string voltage, and current readings and is available in 128 cell and 256 cell versions. The computer data logging unit displays the programming parameters for the test.

The BCT's proprietary interface circuits and custom software control all standard Albér continuous and momentary load units. The standard BCT-2000 can be programmed to apply a constant current or constant power load on any battery string up to 600VDC. During a load test, the system records overall voltage, load current, and up to 256 cell voltages. Programmable alarm levels warn of low voltages and can automatically pause testing before any cell reaches reversal or an unsafe state.

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BCT-2000 Specifications
Input Number of Channels Range Accuracy
Cells Up to 256 0 to 20V 0.1% of reading ±.01V
Overall Volts 1 0 to 600V 0.1% of reading ±.2V
Current 1 0 to 4000A 0.1% of reading ±1AMP
Power Consumption BCT-2000/128 – 65 Watts Maximum
BCT-2000/256 – 75 Watts Maximum
Voltage 120 VAC 60HZ or 220 VAC 50HZ
Alarms Warning Shutdown
Cell 0 to 20V 0 to 20V
Overall Volts 0 to 600V 0 to 600V
Current N/A Failure to control within 20 seconds
Intertiers 0-2000 mV N/A
Hardware N/A Immediate
Data Logging
Input Data Points stored at reading changes of
Cell 5mV
Overall Volts 200 mV for std; 500 mV for charger
Current 200 mA for std; 500 mA for charger
Intertiers 10mV
Width Depth Height Weight
BCT-2000/128 12.265" 15.75" 6.54" 27 lbs.
BCT-2000/256 21.020" 17.75" 6.54" 38 lbs.