MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System – Discontinued

The MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System has been discontinued. This system is primarily used in telecom, utilities, switchgear and generator startup battery applications.

The replacement products are the new UXIM Battery Monitor (Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor) for 120V battery configurations and the new UXTM Battery Monitor (Universal Xplorer Telecom Monitor) for 24V and 48V battery configurations. Key, standard parameters monitored are:

● Module / Cell Voltage

● String Voltage

● Discharge Current

● Ripple Current

● Float Current

● Inter Cell Measurements

● Ohmic Measurements (DC)

Favorable pricing combined with the optional Battery Xplorer Enterprise (BXE) software, the UXIM and UXTM Battery Monitors will exceed the MPM-100 in the markets they serve.

The MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System has been discontinued.

Albér's Cellular MPM Battery Monitor Says "No Problem!" to Remote Areas and Critical Systems.

● Utilizes the well proven Albér DC resistance test method

● Monitors all critical battery parameters

● Can be mounted in 19" racks or flush to the wall

Now battery monitoring is possible in even the most remote areas. Albér's cellular modem equipped MPM-100 takes advantage of well established cellular architecture to let you install a monitoring system virtually anywhere you have batteries. The MPM-100 is the perfect battery monitor for your central office, outside plant (OSP), wireless base station or radio base station.

During setup, simply open the MPM and insert a service activated SIM card into the modem. Close the unit, connect the antenna, then install the MPM system as instructed. A few moments after power up, the MPM establishes communication with your cellular provider and you're ready to go!

Using selections you make during setup, your Central computer will poll the MPM at the times you specify. Additionally, depending on cellular service in your area, the MPM can call out on alarm.

With Albér cellular technology, you'll monitor batteries in locations you never before considered, just about anywhere on the planet. For more down to earth details, contact your Albér sales representative today at

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The MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System has been discontinued.

The MPM-100 measures voltage, current and temperature and performs the internal resistance test on all connected batteries.The MPM-100 can measure a total of 100 measurement points, in a maximum of four parallel strings with a maximum nominal bus voltage of 120V.

The MPM-100 is used for utility switchgear batteries telecom battery applications, generator startup batteries and other configurations that meet the above specifications.

The MPM battery monitor accommodates most telecom and utility battery configurations. The Battery Monitor Data Manager (BMDM) program, with its automatic polling and data transfer algorithms, lets a central computer manage over 1000 MPM systems. The battery monitor can be tied into a building management system via several protocols.

The MPM, in a 19” rack mount, can be configured for most power, telecom, utility, and cellular applications. The MPM has a self-contained processing unit for stand-alone operation, and can communicate with an automatic callout system upon alarm or discharge sensing. Connection to a monitoring site may be through the internal modem, network, Modbus over TCP/IP or locally to a computer via the RS-232 port.

The MPM is the perfect solution for monitoring to help meet the testing and documentation requirements of the new NERC Protection System and Maintenance Testing Standard PRC005-1. You can achieve compliance and reduce your maintenance costs with the MPM-100. Documentation is key for successful compliance audits. NERC’s efforts help ensure the reliability of the North American bulk power system by enforcing compliance with the standard. For more, visit the NERC site.

MPM-100 Specifications
Automatic Resistance Test YES
Discharge Event Capture YES
Historical Data YES
Real-time Computer Display YES
Cell Scan Rate <4 Seconds
Number of Strings per Controller ≤ 4
Number of Cells/Modules per String ≤ 100
Maximum Overall Nominal Bus Voltage 150 VDC
Intertier Values Up to 8
Digital Inputs Up to 8 (std) Up to 16 (opt)
Temperature YES
Discharge Current YES
Float Current YES
Control Outputs 1
Alarm Contacts YES
Measurement Range/Tolerance
Nominal Cell/Module Voltage 1-12 VDC
Cell Resistance 0 to 32,000 μΩ, 5% of reading ± 1 μΩ
Intertier Resistance 0 to 5 mΩ, 5% of reading ± 5 μΩ
Temperature 0° C to 80° C (32° F to 176° F) ± 1° C
Discharge Current 0 to 4,000 A 0.1% of reading ± 1A (shunt), ± 5% of full scale (CT)
Float Current 0 to 5,000 mA ± 50 mA
Network,Modem,Serial,USB YES
Modbus YES (Modbus ASCII),TCP/IP and Serial
Operating Temperature 0° C to 80° C (32° F to 176° F)
UL Listed YES (E212234)
CE Approved YES
Size 19"w x 10"d x 1.75"h
Weight 6 lbs