ELS – Electrolyte Level Sensor

The Alber ELS is a non-invasive level sensor designed to save you time and money!

● Designed specifically to comply with the NERC PRC-005 requirements for electrolyte level inspection

● Eliminate the required quarterly inspection of battery electrolyte levels

● No alarm… means no unnecessary remote site visits

Standalone System

● Equipped with two Form C contacts for alarm notification

● Status indicators on each cell for easy alarm identification

● Alarms for low electrolyte levels, power loss and system bus integrity

● Automatic or manual reset of electrolyte alarms

System Advantages and Features

● Self calibration for all VLA battery constructions

● Non-invasive Pulse Wave sensing technology (Patent Pending)

● Easily integrates into Alber Battery Monitors

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ELSi - Interface Module
Red - System Alarm
Green - Status/Power
2 Form C relay contact, 2A at 30Vdc
Alarm reset button
Input Power
AC Powered – 120V AC 50/60Hz
ABS Plastic Housing
4.25” W (5.25” w/ flange) x 1.45” H x 3.00” D
Mounting: Two .20” holes located 4.75” or 3M adhesive tape.
ELS - Sensor Module
Red – Low Level Alarm
Green – Status / Power
Input Power
12VAC via RJ11 from the ELSi
RJ11 to ELSi
ABS Plastic Housing
1.80” W x 1.59” H x 1.00” D
Mounting: 3M adhesive tape