BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System

BDS-256XL – Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System

A Real Time Battery Monitor Designed for Large Cell Count Applications

● Automate the IEEE Recommended Practices for battery maintenance and testing

● Maintain complete and accurate maintenance records

● 24x7 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification

● Real time display and data logging of individual cell voltages and string current during a discharge


Battery diagnostic systems (BDS) continuously monitor all critical battery parameters, verify the integrity of the connected battery system, and alarm on any out-of-tolerance condition. Testing includes proactive, internal DC cell resistance measurements at programmed intervals recommended by IEEE standards. By tracking increases in internal cell resistance, the BDS predicts if the battery system will perform during a power outage.

The BDS-256XL is a modular system that can monitor virtually any UPS battery configuration. The BDS-256XL consists of a Controller, Data Collection Module, and Resistance Test Module.

Interface to the BDS-256XL is done using the Alber Battery Monitor Data Manager (BMDM) software. The Battery Monitor Report Generator program creates reports from collected data.

The CM-XL8 Controller

The Controller, the brain of the system, coordinates alarms and traffic to and from the other system components. It can monitor up to eight strings of 256 cells on independent UPS's, for a total of 2048 cells per Controller. Its nonvolatile memory can hold up to a year's worth of data. The built-in power supply provides 24VAC for all components in the system.

The DCM-XL48 Data Collection Module

The Data Collection Module (DCM) is a scanning voltmeter that acquires overall voltage, cell voltage, current, and temperature readings from the monitored battery string. The DCM can monitor cells or blocks from 1V to 16VDC. The DCM compares captured data with preset thresholds and alerts the user if any parameters are in violation. Each DCM can measure up to 48 cells or battery blocks per string. DCM's can be connected in series to monitor up to 256 cells per string. The DCM also controls the load module during a resistance test.

The RTM-XLR Resistance Test Module

The Resistance Test Module (RTM) provides the load during the patented resistance test. Without this component, the monitor system could not provide the high reliability and repeatable results that Alber customers rely on.

Real Time Data Capture

● Overall String Voltage

● Individual Cell Voltage

● Ambient Temperature

● Discharge Current

● Float Current

● Discharge Event

Proactive Continuity and Integrity Testing

● User programmable DC resistance tests

● Internal cell resistance test (Battery State of Health)

● Intercell and Intertier connection resistance test

Battery Management

● Vital battery parameters are continuously compared to user programmable alarm thresholds

● Detailed analysis and report generation with the BMDM - Battery Monitor Data Manager software

● No onsite computer is required for data collection and alarming - multiple remote communication


● Easily integrates to building management systems

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BDS-256XL Specifications
Intertier Resistance 0 to 5mΩ, 5% of reading ±5µΩ
Cell Voltage 1V Range 0-2V 0.1% ±1mV
2V Range 0-4V 0.1% ±1mV
4V Range 0-8V 0.1% ±2mV
6V Range 0-8.5V 0.1% ±2mV
8V Range 0-10V 0.1% ±10mV
12V Range 0-16V 0.1% ±10mV
16V Range 0-20V 0.1% ±10mV
Cell Resistance 0 to 32,000µΩ, 5% of reading ±1µΩ
Intercell Resistance 0 to 500µΩ, 0.25% of reading ±5µΩ (Optional harness required.)
String Voltage
0 to 80.00 volts, 0.2% of reading ±0.02 volts
0 to 400.0 volts, 0.2% of reading ±0.1 volts
0 to 600.0 volts, 0.2% of reading ±0.2 volts
Discharge Current* ±4000A ±1% of full scale
Float Current* 0 to 5000mA ±50mA
Temperature* 0°C to 80°C (32°F to 176°F) ±1C
* - Optional Current Transducer CT required. Transducer accuracy affects overall current/temperature reading accuracy.

Agency Approvals

● UL Listed. File Number E212234

● CE Approved

Operating Environment

● Temperature Range 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)

● Humidity Range 0% to 80% RH (non condensing) at 5°C to 31°C


● 2 Form C, 1 Critical alarm/ 1 maintenance alarm

● User programmable relay contacts (Optional) 8 Form C, 2A at 30VDC


● Network, Modem, USB

● Modbus (ASCII), TCP/IP, SNMP

A BDS-256 XL system consists of:

● One CM-XL8 Controller Module per 8 strings

- 19"W x 8"D x 5"H, 16lbs.

● One or more Data Collection Modules per string

- 19"W x 10"D x 1.75"H, 6lbs.

● One RTM Resistance Test Module per string

- 19"W x 12"D x 5"H, 16lbs.