Battery Monitoring

Monitor all cell voltages and ambient temperature samples at regularly scheduled intervals. Ideally, a permanent monitoring system should be employed. A monitor can detect developing problems long before a critical situation develops. The user must, of course, pay attention to all alarms and perform the required corrective actions. It is particularly important to measure and record values during the installation and to look for trends over time. Changes in values over time, even though they may be within the manufacturer’s allowable ranges, may be cause for concern and may require action.

Battery Monitoring
BDS-256XL – Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System
Battery diagnostic systems (BDS) continuously monitor all critical battery parameters, verify the integrity of the connected battery system, and alarm on any out-of-tolerance condition. Learn More>>












BDS-40 – Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System
Especially designed and optimized to monitor UPS batteries in cabinets. Learn More>>










BDSU-50 – Universal Battery Diagnostic System
Real time battery monitoring for 12V/16V up to 50 modules in series Learn More>>





ELS – Electrolyte Level Sensor
The Alber ELS is a non-invasive level sensor designed to save you time and money! Learn More>>









MPM-100 – Battery Monitoring and Diagnostic System (Discontinued)
Identifies conditions requiring further investigation, such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current, temperature, and internal resistance. Learn More>>









Universal Xplorer Industrial Battery Monitor (UXIM)
A real time battery monitor designed for Utility Bulk Power Systems and NERC compliance. Learn More>>









Universal Xplorer Telecom Battery Monitor (UXTM)
A real time battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers. Learn More>>