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Internal battery problems can be detected by increased internal cell resistance. In today’s demanding environment, battery performance cannot be taken for granted. The cost of failure makes the cost of testing insignificant, especially in large enterprises, where even a momentary power outage could result in millions of dollars in losses. Battery testing increases power system reliability, optimizes battery life, and provides savings by reducing maintenance costs. Testing detects problems by measuring the internal resistance of each cell or module in the system. The resistance of a cell is a proven, reliable indicator of a battery’s state of health. This method is matched only by true battery capacity testing. However, capacity testing requires specialized equipment and taking the batteries offline.

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Identifying Problems Early Increases Battery System Reliability

The importance of battery testing is well documented, and battery users must understand why batteries fail and what influences battery life; otherwise, a sound decision in selecting a testing device for the application cannot be made. Internal battery problems can be detected by an increase in internal cell resistance. This testing method provides early indications of several problems, including sulfation, grid growth, corrosion, dry out and manufacturing defects.

The right battery testing system will significantly improve battery system reliability while providing a continuing return on investment. By using internal cell resistance measurement as part of your quarterly battery maintenance program, your approach will change from reactive to proactive. The Albér Cellcorder CRT-400 is the industry’s most popular hand held battery resistance tester. Designed to meet IEEE standards for battery testing, this next generation resistance tester offers USB memory and Bluetooth technology.

The Cellcorder records three critical parameters: cell voltage, internal battery resistance, and intercell resistance. Its Bluetooth technology lets you hear status in noisy environments, and it features six newly designed, rugged probe choices and jaw options for all battery types. The Cellcorder’s easy to use Battery Analysis Software, with a variety of report options, and Albér’s patented internal resistance method will ensure you’ll detect the early signs of battery degradation before problems escalate.

To learn more about your DC system and ensure its performance, Albér offers a two day, noncommercial seminar on properly and safely installing, maintaining and testing your battery system. You’ll learn how to better maintain your battery system and stay up to date on the latest standards. The Stationary Battery Basics seminar covers industry standards, equipment and methodologies and offers 1.6 CEU’s at course completion.

Albér also organizes the annual, three day Battcon Stationary Battery Conference, the world’s leading conference and trade show for stationary battery users.

Whether you’re a professional in the data center, UPS, power station, electrical, telecom, utility, government, petroleum, or nuclear industry, if you maintain or service mission critical operations, you’ll find Albér products and service will exceed your expectations. From portable test equipment and permanent monitoring installations, custom-tailored installation and service, to education and training, Albér is the most experienced and respected name in the battery monitoring industry.