About Alber

Alber leads the industry with storage battery monitoring and test equipment.

  • Test, diagnostic and trending products.
  • Data acquisition systems.
  • Continuous load units.
  • Battery multimeters.
  • Single cell test systems.
  • Single cell chargers.
  • Battery monitoring systems.

Telephone, power and data centers that can't have power interrupted count on Alber equipment to ensure the integrity of their emergency power systems. Alber also offers battery maintenance and testing seminars.

For a monitor to achieve its main objectives, it must, as a minimum, monitor the following parameters:

  • Overall string voltage. Verify the charger has been set correctly and is operating properly.
  • Cell voltages. Verify all cells are charging correctly.
  • Ambient temperature. Verify the temperature environment is at or near optimum temperature for long life and maximum capacity.
  •  Internal cell resistance. Verify the state of health by identifying high resistance / low capacity cells.
  • Intercell & Intertier resistance. Check the conduction path integrity and avoid possible fires and abrupt shutdowns.
  • Load cycles. Check the number and depth of discharges. This information is used to project battery life and settle warranty issues.
  • Real time data capture/display.  Have the capability of watching how your individual cells perform during a discharge test.

Alber is the only company today with a true, full functioning monitor that performs and monitors all of these key parameters.  The company’s success is built on these capabilities, their patented technology, and an unwavering focus on customer service.  A testimony to this success is their customer base, which reaches worldwide across all industries and includes the major data and financial centers, critical government facilities, telecommunications, nuclear, and utilities sites.

Knowledgeable and objective problem solving has earned Alber the respect of manufacturers throughout the standby power battery industry.

Alber is committed to educating and supporting the industry. Throughout the year, they conduct noncommercial battery seminars nationwide and also sponsor BATTCON – the largest annual stationary battery conference in the world.  Expert knowledge, objective problem solving, development of technology to meet specific user needs, and a standard of excellence have earned Alber respect throughout the standby battery industry.

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